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Do you want more sales success?

As you can imagine, high (and constant or even growing) motivation is one of the greatest challenges for all successful sales people.

We want to find out

  • Do Top Sellers have a specific motivation profile?
  • What can bring you in a better position for your sales success?

What motivates sales people?

The LUXXprofile is an excellent personality-based approach in motivational research. It explains the fundamental values, goals and motives of human personality. Only a few personality tools manage to capture the individuality of personality. The Reiss Profile takes the roots of human behaviour as its starting point, making it a particularly effective tool in a professional context.

  • What motivates them and why are Top Sellers better than others?

Share your Reiss Profile

In our experience B2B sales people (even in technical sales) are different from others and want to find out the specifics.

  • Please share your Profile with others to find out which motivation factors can bring you ahead?
  • Do you have experience in motivating you and your sales team based on Reiss Profiles?
  • If you share, we will bring the results of the survey back to you.

If you want to make a test for yourself, please contact a LUXXprofile Master.
You will get a wonderful experience.

Thanks to you, we are looking forward to your response.
Christian Harting